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  • astral_tsar astral_tsar Jun 15, 2003 7:52 PM Flag

    Short & Distort (7)

    Why am I, the Tsar, warning you to do your due diligence, warning you that I'm buying shares because they seem underpriced to me? What dreadful Axe am I grinding? If I want a low price because I believe in the stock and want to buy, then why on earth have I been ADMITTING that I'm gonna buy the same shares that I want YOU to SELL?

    Well, there are things more important than money. My ass, for example. A first cousin to the Short and Distort, equally illegal, is the Poop & Scoop. In this scam, folks beat down the share price by insisting that the stock is worthless, that shareholders had best sell Yesterday. Then the con men nose into the trough and suck up all the shares they can afford at depressed prices.

    Overseas operators: people in Ireland, the Channel Islands, Bermuda, the Caymans, ... they might have a prayer of getting away with that. But I don't.

    I do want shares at low prices, and I do intend to resell them at much higher prices. But I don't want to lie about it and end up in that Federal Pound-Me-in-the-Ass Prison. That business case does not prove in.

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