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  • tropicdeposit tropicdeposit Jun 16, 2003 2:51 PM Flag

    Ole Lazer informs us 1.)index funds are

    the only fund buyers of NLS worth mentioning in 2000 and "they aren't going anywhere."

    This is the type of "pure factual analysis" for which the huckster club on this board is noted.

    I pointed out the heavy flow of money into NLS in the last six months of 2000, WHICH HAS NOT BEEN BALANCED BY ANY SIMILARLY INTENSE FLOW OUT. There is churning of course, but lots o that money is still there. And yes, Virginia, that's where lots of the selling is coming from.
    Lazer-er-O, I presume another incarnation of AstroCharm, Puddle-Critter, would have you believe that this inflow came mostly from index funds. This is not only Hooey, it is blind, childish and obvious hooey.

    The point of his posts is to give those on the edge as to whether to sell, some thought, any thought, to glom onto, in order not to sell.

    Be my guest.

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    • Underwater positions generally are liquidated except in index funds and index accounts (usually at pension funds). All of your consternation and pomposity doesn't change this reality. To claim that you KNOW that there is an overhang of shares from 2000 brands you as a fool and a liar IMO.

    • Well, back to business as usual.

      Watch out for that one lucid post in 20 though. If you read between the lines, it's clear that deposit is following the situation better than most, despite (or in the case of NLS price, perhaps BECAUSE OF) his problems with controlled substances.

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