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  • tropicdeposit tropicdeposit Jun 18, 2003 11:20 PM Flag

    How would I trade with thee, let me cou

    nt the ways...

    I'd trade with thee if the alleys of Jersey City were the only other market!
    Or if there were no other source of water,
    Or if fish could never operate computers!

    (As you know I am a little bit old fashioned and silly in some ways. I have a kind of a fetish about control of when I close or open or adjust a position, for example. It's not anything that YOU would worry about in your line of work, perhaps, but for myself, I'm just funny that way! LOL)

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    • Thanks, you made your actual opinion of NLS very clear.

      You said (and I'll cut to the chase here):

      "No fucking way will I sell NLS at 2.5% above Friday's close."

      • 1 Reply to astral_tsar
      • quote you attribute to me. Your willingness to falsely attribute words in quotation marks, reflects a nasty purposefulness which, it seems to, is sort of the "last layer of disguise" of your message-board voice.

        Anyone who reads my posts knows my views, and I offer my opinion freely: I think anyone who shorts NLS in this general neighborhood will do fine. I ALSO post freely, and have repeated often, the obvious: that folks must decide their trades for themselves.

        You know this. You DON'T mention that folks should decide for themselves. You aim to mix reality and message board hype in such way that folks will be influenced by what you peddle as obvious. You do not like it when your tv-commercial voice is mentinoned for what it is, or when your huckstering for the stock is contrasted with offering of a forceful view.

        But there you are. You have huckstered for the stock for many points, unless I miss my guess... and I should imagine you might have a bit of guilty conscience, behind the show of temper.

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