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  • astral_tsar astral_tsar Jun 19, 2003 3:06 AM Flag

    How would I trade with thee, let me cou

    You refused to sell me shares at a premium above this week's prices. You have blitzed the board with hundreds of posts giving others exactly that sell advice for many weeks.

    But now, in a clintonian nit-pick, you object to the punctuation mark that I put on your own refusal.

    I'll tee up my question again:
    Hey, guy-who-tells-everyone-to-sell, sell me some shares!

    Ok, here it is in the original Doubletalk:
    a. scammer: (msg 21072 ... or ask me for a copy)
    "How would I trade with thee, let me count the ways...I'd trade with thee if the alleys of Jersey City were the only other market!Or if there were no other source of water"

    b. ... and here's me 'misquoting' you (#21075):
    <<You said (and I'll cut to the chase here):
    "No fucking way will I sell NLS at 2.5% above Friday's close." >>

    Sounds the same to me, scammer. Why should I help you keep your miserable scamming job?

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