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  • gtw570 gtw570 Jul 1, 2003 4:50 PM Flag

    EPS and Stock Buybacks

    With the stock buyback the number of outstanding shares are decreasing. with interest rates as low as they are, the decrease in interest revenue from the use of cash will be insignificant to the effect of the reduced number of shares on the ratio of earnings to outstanding shares. Hence the probability of the next earnings per share announcement beating expectations is increasing as NLS buysback its own shares.

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    • While you have been sitting here bitching about low PE on NLS, other people went out and bought MO in the low 30s. Gee, aren't you the man when it comes to bottom feeding. Let me know if NLS ever gets north of 16.

    • my quick 2-cents

      20% of hiting or beating 3-5cents
      50% of being within 2cents
      30% of missing by more than 3cents

      100% chance that they will lower revenue and earnings for Q3, Q4, and FY2004 (pre-warn prior to Q3 earnings). NLS is no sure thing either up or down, the reliance on Bowflex is tempered with the fact it still brought in 14% net earnings in Q1 2003. Question is how low (and fast) will it go? (revenue and net margins)

      just wanted to get that in, don't except a reply

      "Ah, lady your real nice. I'd try to kiss you if I didn't have puke on my breath" - Bob & Doug

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      • auz: "100% chance they will lower ..."

        This guy is a long-time clueless short. auz13 has argued repeatedly that people can remain short forever (regardless of share price, short interest, and who controls the borrowed shares). According to auz13 shorts can use the collateral -- forever -- for other investments. He claims that shorting stocks is thus (in his words) "free money." He reacts viciously when anyone questions that assertion.

        auz13's style is to make negative predictions based on no negative data. After the negative predictions are proved false, he just waits a few weeks and then posts more wishful thinking.

    • if go back and look you will the buyback stop at the end of the frist quarter just more wishful thinking!!!!!!!!!!!

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