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  • astral_tsar astral_tsar Jul 3, 2003 12:27 PM Flag

    Why all the fanfare?

    I see a bunch of bee aliases throwing a welcoming party for 'valu able', who then shows up right on cue.

    Not one more bee? You think?

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    • You are just as ignorant as I first thought, regardless of how much hotair you produce. Shouldn't you cruising on your yakht somewhere given your amazing prediction skills? LOL

    • <Wow, quadruple your money in 2 months.>

      That would be 280%.

      <Wow almost double your money>

      That would be 36%.

      <Man, I am starting to think I am so stupid>

      Long NLS and math bad. Now go sit in the corner and don't forget the hat!!

    • {My big play now is TMR, basis $2.63. Think it will be over $10 in a couple of months}

      Wow, quadruple your money in 2 months.

      {Short NLS @11.05, soon to be $7 :)!! }

      Wow almost double your money, in what? less than two hours according to your previous prediction?

      Man, I am starting to think I am so stupid, these guys are so smart, I bet they can predict winning lottery numbers. But then again, if they are so good, you would think they are zillionaires by now and wouldn't be posting silly messages on yahoo boards :P

    • valu:

      Out of BDY; it may go to $20 when the shorts start covering, but the big potential is gone, imo, unless they win the patent lawsuit.

      My big play now is TMR, basis $2.63. Think it will be over $10 in a couple of months.

      Short NLS @11.05, soon to be $7 :)!!

      Also take a look at PETS, basis $5.05. Been on a run too, but going to get listed and that is usually good for 20%.

    • Hi hackne, hope all is well with you too.

      <<Be careful on NFI, they make risky loans which will eventually come back to bite them good!>>

      No worries there. NFI management is, if anything, TOO conservative and their rate of defaults have actually gone down slightly despite the large increase in business. But in any case, with all the originations they've had recently, it takes some time for default rate to change drastically. I expect to be out of NFI long before then.

      On another OT, BDY, which, as you know, you recommended, continues to be profitable for me. I've made at least 6 roundtrip trades on it, all profitable. Where do you see it going from here?

      Also, are you still short NLS? Any others that you're looking at long or short?

    • Yeah, and watch out for Coca Cola, New Coke didn't work out.

    • Hey valu_able; glad to see you making some money. Be careful on NFI, they make risky loans which will eventually come back to bite them good! Just some worthless advice from a dumb banker! :)

    • <<Do you know of any sort of connection between James 'J' Cramer of TSC and Gerald Cramer of Cramer Rosenthal McGlynn?>>

      I'm not aware of any connection. Gerald Cramer is considerably older the James and is not his father. They don't look like relatives but who knows?

    • <<in the case of NFI, just how long can they continue to originate new business? presumably, they need a good housing/refi market. once rates head up or even just hold steady, the refi party is over, and their earnings may drop significantly.>>

      Again, I think the focus is on the wrong points regarding NFI. As a REIT, it has to pay out at least 90% of its profits as dividends. On top of trying to hold their position in a fast growing company, the shorts had to pay $2.25/sh last quarter and probably more than that in each of the next few quarters. The distortions created by the huge short position, large dividend payout, and growing company profits will continue to have an explosive effect over the short term. Traders have smelled a squeeze in a stock that has a small float. NFI reaching $90 in the next several months is well within current possibilities.

      Rising rates affecting NFI some time late this year or next are the concerns of long term holders, not necessarily myself. In any case, regardless of NFI's future price, Greenberg was attacking NFI when it was in the low $20's. Now look how bright Herb and his Rocker buddy look.

    • <<btw: i could always use a good book saleman!!!!!>>

      Although I had some success, as hard as I tried to sell the Flea Dictionary, Harry Potter and Hillary knocked it off the bestsellers list!!

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