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  • "For the year, it said it expects to earn between $1 and $1.10 per share on revenue"

    who told 2 months ago they would bee luckie to do $1.35 for the year?

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    • The point isn't spelling, kids. Read mrzonacat's posts again. Who do they remind you of?

    • Where is your product now . Are you selliing it , did you give away the rights .

    • Thanks flea !! my seniments exactly , I have many people working for me that spell rather well .

    • why is it that the one's that can spell are stupidest and lose the most money ? only a fool would make fun of a way that another man spells!!!!!!!

    • Need some spelling help here. You seem like the literary type. Is it 'disgruntled'? I *think* that's right. Oh ... one 'n' in 'manipulated', correct? And is it 'proprietary'? or 'propriatary'?

      Thanks for all the help! Thanks *in advance* I mean!

    • Very thorough coverage of your historic meeting with the "captain." We even know how you wanted your sandwiches! I sure hope you didn't sign an NDA though ...


    • Your rambling sounds familiar. Hold on while I try to place it ... nah ... it's gone. The familiar note is far too subtle to place.

      Ah, I must just be getting senile. I thought I had it again there, but it slipped away. That strained "LOL" tagline, the neurotic inscrutability, the high-flown prose shot with misspellings .... Do you ever get "deja lu"? The feeling that you've read something before?

    • astral_tsar:
      >>>Mayonnaise? Cell phones?<<<

      LOL... Yes, out of context ^THOSE 2 questions obviously do invoke mystique and humor into the generic, collective white collar, soul-less, simpletons mind's eye. Yet, a magnifying glance reveals they are symbolic of what the "R. Potter's of the world" deem as staples of both their own status and the world's status quo. They look down at those who dare to be different such as me and my innovative machine (cycleclimber), they secretly judge those humble folks who openly avow their individuality by shunning these so-called yuppified neccessities. Yet, the motherlode irony here is that they themselves got to where they are by being different: i.e., BOWFLEX. However, once at a certain complacent level, the intrinsic need to be different and innovative ceases to exist (shareholder's "tsar-like" dictatorship scares them into so-called normalcy)so instead they play it safe with a mousetrap (Treadmill)that with an improvement or two (TreadClimber) will sell a safe X number. Mousetraps are safe and they sell. The message here? To quote Herman Hesse: "If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn't part of ourselves doesn't disturb us..."

      Transalation: Mr. Potter harbors deep hate for me and my machine for being different with nary a precadent a la the early roots of Bowflex...

      You might agree or reject my words, but I always tell it like it is. Ask any fitness professional which machine burns more calories and works more muscles? TreadClimber or CycleClimber? Yet, sadly CycleClimber is not for rotund housewives and KFC munchin senior citizens, hence it loses the "marketing viability edge." In other words, it's not yet on the market* because it is too efficient. Sadly, this is the staus quo of American big business. Circa 2003.

      *changing as we speak

    • fleabag22:
      "who told 2 months ago they would bee luckie to do $1.35 for the year?"

      You didn't need to be a rocket scientist to figure this one out. This stock was obviously dogmeat as I stated last year in around October or so. Generally when bad news comes out for a stock it is followed by worse news and so on for quite a while, if not until the stock goes bankrupt. Depends on their financial strength.

      The inverse is also true, as it was years ago for Bowflex, but what goes up, inevitably must come down, or so it seems.

    • Damn you always seem to be right on.... I couldn't imagine net margins would fall to 5% ... NLS is FUBAR and I can see margins (and revenue) continue to fall.

      Let me guess they will miss even these targets and make what 40cents eps in 2004 (if their lucky)

      hmmm was that dividend put in to help stockholders or mangement to suck more money out of a broken company??

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