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  • dashortmeister dashortmeister Sep 5, 2003 11:37 AM Flag

    Want to know what the problem is?

    The company has zero credibility, for starters.


    The "rush to cover" story does not apply to every stock, and, as you can see, does not apply to NLS. The only thing that is going to cause a "rush to cover" is IF...(I'll say again)..IF the company produces positive reuslts. Personally, I will try to buy before the rest of the crowd does, but the markets are way overvalued, due for a correction, and NLS will fall with the rest of the market, IMO.

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    • That is a good point and the reason that I think some profit taking is in store for the short term. Dashortmeister does babble too much himself, but he may be right about the short-term decline in the stock. Shorts just don't seem scared into buying this stock right now, and he is definately right about a correction due in the markets.

      The following quote is from the OTC Journal:
      "The market has a fondness for transferring wealth from the majority to the minority. Right now the majority believes the market is going higher. It makes me nervous."

      I feel exactly the same way. Everybody thinks that the markets are unstopable, which is the reason they are likely headed lower IMO.

      I sold my 3k shares yesterday for $12.10...I'll be looking for re-entry in the low elevens after a market correction, all IMO of course!


    • In the interest of maintaining a modicum of decency and insightful dialog, "das hort monster" has been awarded a lifetime membership to my filter/ignore list. Happy trails and auf viedersehen, Dumkopf.

    • I will stop babbling and go to the point.
      You told me NLS has no credibility and still plan to buy while pointing the weakness and dismal performance of the company. Really logic is in it?

      I told you have a credibility below NLS. With my logic I don't plan to pursue the dialogue and I don't think you will be interested to dialog with a moron like me. You have convinced me of your flawless way of investing!!! Amen.

    • Stripped of the rhetoric, of course, NLS is still up 19% from its July low of $10.00.

    • Stop babbling. Why do you think that dozens of other heavily shorted stocks along with a significant number of stocks that aren't making any money have been screeming upwards while NLS has drifted in the wallows? That is rhetorical...enough of your long-winded babble. Why am I going to buy AT LOWER PRICES? Duh! Shorts have to cover some time! Gee you sure are a smart ass for being such a moron!

    • <<The company has zero credibility, for starters>>
      I would be interested you provide some information about that statement so that I can assest your own credibility.

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