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  • rjr2gordon rjr2gordon Oct 30, 2003 2:36 PM Flag

    exercise gadgets never last

    No exercise gadget or gadget company has ever lasted, in all history. Keep that in mind when you give your money to these guys. Oh boy, earnings fell 70%, must be good news, time to buy!

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    • either you are living in the past or never learned how to understand. are you breaking out into a sweat yet. If you had a brain you could be smart. ON scound thought even that may be too late for you.

    • Rubbish, Wieder's been around for fifty years. And that's the point, the products they sell change, but the brand - Wieder Fitness - keeps going.

      Oh, and uhm other long lasting 'fitness companies' would be Nike and Addidas and Puma.

      Puma's an especially good case given your penchant for stating that NLS is a one trick pony...shows a co. can always come back with new products. Puma fell out of fashion but are now all the rage.

      And what about Chuck Norris/Christie Brinkley's TOTAL Gym, which is having a renaissance thanks to Pilates...they were considered the Edsel of gym equipment two years ago and are now back in vogue.

      And Everlast, Pony (back in fashion), Mizuno, Lousiville Slugger, Bauer, CCM, Koho (the latter few being hockey gear) and Raleigh and Reebok and Wilson and Slazenger and Dunlop...

      Can we please bury that tired argument? The one thing all these companies have in common is BRAND. Their products change, evolve, they get in and out of markets, but they still have a customer following....

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      • I think I saw a version of your silly post some time ago. Please don't compare shoe companies like Nike, Puma, etc. to NLS. Of your examples, the less they resemble NLS, the more successful they have been. Some of your bogus examples are not public companies, so that they only rip off the late night TV viewing losers, not investors. Let me be a bit more specific: No exercise gadget companies have ever paid off for their outside investors.

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