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  • cyber_cruiser01 cyber_cruiser01 Dec 1, 2003 5:40 PM Flag

    Is it under $8.00 yet?

    let the board know when you see it.
    or maybe you won't see it coming.

    just cruising by.

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    • Ok imm4nu3l_k4nt,

      First of all, I am pretty sure indian is long. syd2546 has not told us if he's long or short.
      Secondly, I just have to respond to this one:

      "Ok briliant ones, thistime I've done some research and how about this? aluisious81 knew how to..."

      *pause* You consider looking through the yahoo message boards to find someone that bashes someone else research?!?!?! That's unbelieveable. I sincerly hope you aren't doing anything like mortgaging your house to play the market because you're going to be broke very soon if you keep this up. Good luck! LOL

    • Exactly what I said. aluisiou81, indian, syd2546 and are guys who understand that pumpers like ASSTRAL are full of crap and have the guts to tell him to his face. These 3 guys don't say much alot but let me tell you I think their the brains of the board. And those 3 guys know which way were going: THREE THUMBS DOWN and NO PUMPER CAN STOP IT.

      FOUR including mine

    • Almost forgot a couple more grim statistics. syd2456 pointed out recently that accounts receivable and inventory turnover are both up and even pumper estrodinare astral confirmed both of those deadly facts

      lol, good luck pumpas!

    • i don't even know where to begin imm4. you are possibly the most eager person I've ever met when it comes to making crazy assumptions syd, indian and aluisious have had little or nothing to say about the stock for the past six months, they all just seem pissed at astral_TSar. maybe due to his opinionated posts or maybe due to his infuriating tendency to back them up with hard data most of the time. the army stuff is part of some kind of long-running infighting AMONG the Three Stooges (they are pissed off at each other also), and has nothing to do with the stock.

    • say what you like sharjah69, aluisious81 is clearly knowlegible and has high credability among the more frequent posters here . He, syd2456 and indian are the only ones who at least had the guts and stood up to ignorant pumper bullshit, whether it was astral_star making up numbers or what ever the issue was there. I don't understand the army reference but this is the private sector NLS has no government or militiary contrats of that I am of which I am awere of

    • If you follow Aluisious, the Army reject, you are in deep trouble.

    • Ok briliant ones, thistime I've done some research and how about this? aluisious81 knew how to send pumpers packing, maybe you guys missed his post. In particular he documents the continued slide in nearly every financial detail. Here are some high lites:

      (margins and rates of return have CONTINUED to fall since then, but I'm sure in your little world it's not a "trend") and your current cheerleading of this company and questions of "what's wrong?" when it is CLEARLY obvious that a company with falling revenues, earnings, margins, and rates of return has a LOT wrong with it.

      You starting to get it, guys?

    • ...


      What the HELL are you talking about?

    • No one said I was never wrong. Hell I was wrong two years ago about NLS being an excellent growth stock, wasn't it?

    • Big A -- Wow. So the SEC filings are hearsay but whatever nonsense you happen to type is just injured innocence? You're a sociopath, not an investor. Welcome to Ignore.

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