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  • rjr2gordon rjr2gordon Feb 3, 2004 2:52 PM Flag

    who buys this scam

    Who keeps buying this scam, last couple of pumps to $17? Come on, 'fess up. Let me tell you: don't buy this stinker or it will cost you. The only people who ever made money on this stock are short sellers and NLS insider fraudsters.

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    • Hey E.,

      Thanks for the message. I only knew of Herbalizer, the others are new to me. I am looking forward to checking them out...

      Interesting comment on Montreal, but I think probably true, the Toronto crowd can be a bit toffy about music...still, there are some really, really solid producers based here who play/spin regularly.

      Good luck on the album, know what you mean about the time, and please post here when you do get it out, would really enjoy checking it out...

      Amazing who you can run into on these boards?

    • cool. i haven't heard that JD cover, but my old band used to do a passable version of "she's lost control" way back when.

      i haven't heard the most recent BoC, but i listed "music has the right to children" a lot when it came out. don't know the other bands you mentioned; will check 'em out.

      one thing i like about montreal is the variety of live shows. people are pretty open-minded. they don't go crazy for music the way that toronto folks can, but live shows here usually find a pretty open-minded crowd. fisherspooner, herbalizer, the afghan whigs and manu chao are some of the bands that have really put on really memorable shows here.

      i'm trying to put together a full album of material of my own, in sort of a speedy j/plaid vein. never seem to have enough time to do it though.

      take care,


    • Hey Elsenor,

      Cool to read your note; strangely enough just heard a Squarepusher remix of Love Will Tear Us Apart yesterday for the first time...not at all what I was expecting.

      May need to change my alias, listening to bands like Boards of Canada, SubatomicGlue and KottonMouthKings...very NOT drumandbass.

      Need to visit MTL again very soon, but agree, for music Toronto is now right up there...all due respect to NY and SFran.

      Glad to hear from you...


    • hey D&BSA,

      i take it from your handle that you dig the mashed up beats. you like squarepusher at all?

      i used to live in the but left for the stylish environs of mtl. i do miss the music tho.


    • plop -- SWC is new to me & it's been a long time since I took a look at Wyndham or Metris. I'll take a look, thanks for the tips!

    • astral_tsar,

      Here are some prospects worth looking at:
      1) MXT - this is a consumer credit company trading at about 30% of EV and 75% of BV. It's a turnaround story that I think will be profitable in 2004. There's a large short position (around 56% of float) and the stock is very volatile. It currently trades at about $5.70 and I expect it to get to around $15 by Y-E 2004.

      2) SWC - this is a domestic miner of palladium, platinum, silver and other metals in Montana. The stock trades below EV and at about 1 1/2 times BV. They are now majority owned (around 57% of outstanding shares) by Norilsk (Russian mining company) and I think Norilsk will look to buyout the remaining shares in 2004. The stock currently trades around $13/sh but traded around $50/share in year 2000 and I think will eventually move up to near that level by Y-E 2005 if it is not bought out first.

      3) WBR - this is a domestic hotel chain that has experienced steep losses in part due to the decline in the travel and hospitality industry. The stock currently trades at 7% of EV and 28% of BV so it is a deeply discounted value play. They recently divested a chain of hotels to provide liquidity to satisfy current debt obligations, and I think can benefit hugely from an improvement in the economic landscape. The stock trades at around $1.20 and did see prices above $20 back in the 1997-1998 time period. This one is very speculative but could be a huge winner.

    • lol, no, there really are two "sizes" in a 30:1 ratio, priced 90k and 3k right now. The 3k "B" shares were created in a 30:1 split, for people who wanted "small" shares.

    • Oops, $3000 is more like it...well, wonder which site I got that number from?

      Now that I have the "real" price it feels almost like a bargain :)

    • Well, that's too rich for me too. I bought the B shares, which are 1/30: $3000 right now. It's partly a hedge -- Berkshire has something like $700 per B share in cash, waiting for Buffett to find a good deal. If the whole market were to bash down to 1/2 tomorrow, BRKB would gain considerable value.

      It might even gain price -- sometimes people actually flee TO safety rather than away. No guarantees there, though.

    • Astral,

      Just looked at's a freakin $100k per share! Umm, not for this boy. Mind you, if I'd bought it at $60K!


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