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  • astral_tsar astral_tsar Feb 5, 2004 8:22 PM Flag

    Value Investing

    drumnbass -- Sometimes. The best Yahoo board I know of is the BRKA board. There's a lot of talent there. Unfortunately the folks I respect the most seem to be suffering from the general shortage of ideas right now. Leads to pointless arguments while we wait, or lowering the bar. (The latter is even worse than the former, but neither is pretty.) Hopefully once there ARE real opportunities again, that miasma will clear up.

    I've also heard good things about the Value Investors Club
    Haven't used that one myself. The few examples I've seen recently seem to suffer from the same shortage-of-ideas problem, resulting in what look to me like fluffed-up value estimates for stuff that's priced about right already.

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    • I know you don't care, but I read the message board to see what people think about NLS. all i seem to read is you guys talking about these other stocks that may or may not be good. if you were such experts, you would be on a board whose stock isn't stagnant, hasn't muddled between 14 and 18.
      i have watched my atvi split time after time. my rad has more than doubled. my ericy and tyc are headed the right way, but I know i am no expert. i've also watched sblu go to nada. i've watched my soc become cln to become a P.O.S.
      And if you don't care about me talking about my other stocks on the nls board, i have one thing to say. EXACTLY MY POINT! this is the nls board. please!

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