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  • astral_tsar astral_tsar May 10, 2003 12:30 AM Flag

    Deleted Message

    It's interesting to see these posts from andrew_ace, kyle_ontarget, and syd ... all basically defending "the bee" in pretty similar language over a couple of hours this evening.

    I have to say it does incline me toward alusisous' view that you are all one person (at most!).

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    • Hey and now your a detective , cool , very joe fridayesque .

    • Just check the dates their profiles were created. All in less than a week this March, and all curiously seemed to pop up whilst indian was busy condemning me over something.

      I think the man doesn't want to be recognized as having nothing better to do than sit here and post about how rich he is all day long.

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      • This thread reminds me of a story, from "The Nudist on the Late Shift" by Po Bronson
        (a very funny book).

        Bronson had tracked down one of the founders of Yahoo, who originally had no life and reputedly often slept under his desk -- but had become a billionaire in the dot-com run-up. Bronson's question was, well, when you become a billionaire how does your life change? -- "Do you still sleep under your desk?" was how he phrased it.

        The guy's response was interesting: He had received so much mail as he became a wealthy celebrity that it was mounded up in his office. The mound was so huge that there was no longer room under the desk to sleep. So, yes, his life had changed in that respect.

        (BTW, Bronson's "Bombardiers" is an even funnier book: a novel about nearly psychotic bond traders.)

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