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  • astral_tsar astral_tsar Jul 10, 2003 2:45 PM Flag

    Deleted Message

    I have to laugh.

    I'm not bee_bitten and have no connection to him or these teabag guys. (Other than exposing distorters -- long AND short -- on this board.)

    I'm puzzled. You seem to be publicly accusing me of fraud. That's a new one, but ok, I'll try to respond seriously. Before we get into the libel crap, let me state some facts for you.

    I've never sold a share, never made a dime off NLS stock or its price movements, and at present prices I stand to lose plenty. I've discolsed my own position (and even cost basis!) obsessively. I am purely long -- overwhelmingly by holding plain old NLS shares.

    I have been relentless in questioning BS emitted by shorts, in posting data from the SEC filings (never realized that was called "distortion" until your post...), and in defending a long-term perspective on my investment. But if you reflect for a minute you'll realize that I've been equally relentless in exposing the multiple aliases of bee_bitten (and my suspicions of the teabag krew), who have been predominantly pumpers.

    I do agree with you that anyone posting allegations of fraud in public needs to be aware of the avenues of civil recourse. But please direct those concerns to bee_bitten or others who post that kind of thing.

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