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  • yahoo yahoo May 12, 2005 5:38 AM Flag

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    • Bee, enough is enough with the harrassment. Stop it now, please.

      I know that the boards can be very rough-and-tumble, and I've tried to take this with good humor but your posts are causing me real distress.

      I'm quite serious. If you really want to file some frivolous complaints with the sec, they're at already. But I won't tolerate any more harrassment or libel in public. I hate to get all formal, and I hope this is as far as it goes. But please do consider this to be legal notice.

      If you do ever again publicly accuse me of wrongdoing, I recommend that you be ready with your facts. I'll start with a simple request for retraction, then work with Yahoo before doing anything that costs money. I will make every effort to resolve things amicably. But please believe that I intend to solve this problem.

      If you want out of this headache as much as I do, you might consider posting a quick apology for your recent accusations. It could save us both some inconvenience, if I knew you were acting in good faith. Perhaps you just took a joke too far?

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