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  • yahoo yahoo May 12, 2005 5:38 AM Flag

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    • Whatever you call it, syd & flea, fact is fact. And in the long run the facts are what matters.

      Hypesters and pumpers like you guys can argue in the face of facts, and even try to excuse that behavior by projecting it on others or by attacking the idea that facts matter.

      But it won't matter in the end. But even after you lose big, you can still remain in denial. Just keep muttering "twisted, twisted, twisted" and you'll feel fine. Yeah, ok, you're probably gonna lose a lot of money, and you're already angry about that. But remember: you can blame it on Bad Bad Astral and his Mean Old Facts.

    • If you can't face facts, no problem! Simply claim that all facts are "twisted".

      Use the word "twisted" every time you encounter one of those unpleasant ... facts ... and watch your popularity soar!

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