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  • yahoo yahoo May 12, 2005 5:39 AM Flag

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    • Indian
      you are becoming the darling of this board(5recommendations!) and you regularly beat me. Keep it going your new intervention style has a lot better punch and is more effective than during the old days. You must hit the nerves of these high class shorts big time!!!

    • Flea,
      in your previous post, message 23246 (that finally contained some substance, 3lignes) you took a cheap shot at NLS management accusing them of lying knowingly they cannot reply. Let see about your last quote and how fully true it is:

      <<i'm up over 35 points that my data how about you?>> (* you meaning Astral in that case)

      I can only congratulate you about your wisdom of selling shorts NLS over its historical high!! By the way somebody else on this board has a similar claim, really curious!! You probably mean you were 35 points up when the stock was at $10 is in it?
      Over the years you have claimed taking at many occasions long positions. You were a specialist of the in and out with profits. This is quite surprising in lieu of your accusation:
      << a year half ago they bought a ton of bowflexs thinking sales would never end and used the dock strike for the reason they lied then and they lie now the only thing the management has done is run the company into the ground and took the money!!!!!!>>

      With such negative feeling toward management and a company that was running into the ground you were really courageous to take long positions!!!
      Message 22693 <<long @ 11.20>>
      Message 22707<<out 10.95 -.25, still short from 13.15>>
      Of course your 35 point up was not your only winning positions. However your 1 line messages showed serious inconsistency. How a short term trader can sit on 35 points position for more than a year?? and constantly bet against it?? Furthermore my brokerage house has always refused my orders in which I was shorting a stock while in a long position on that stock and vice versa, I had to use the option route. Is it only valid in Canada??
      Flea you are not lying, you are only bending the truth for your potential profit. By the way if you dare to reply don�t use your Flea language. I know dam well your English is really good, you are only using a fa�ade to look cooler. Next time you post a new price position would you please add the numbers of shares so that I can realize you are not playing with monopoly money I will count yours beans. Are you seriously thinking to take new long positions?? What will be your rationale??

      From your loving moron up north, an avid follower of unscrupulous day trader tactics�.lies�lies�lies.

    • you may be up 35 points but thats in the past , now we are talking about the present and the future .If your still short you will loose . I was stupid for not selling all my stock at 40 the downside was proven to be huge . You are equally as stupid for being short at 11 .

    • >>flea or distortmeister, I'd love to see your data.

      >i'm up over 35 points that my data how about you?

      There's money involved here so let's cut to the chase. "Data" is something that the rest of us can confirm somehow.

      Good luck!

    • flea or distortmeister, I'd love to see your data.

      i'm up over 35 points that my data how about you?

    • I provided references to the SEC filings to support my point that inventories are down 10% with respect to this time in 2002.

      flea or distortmeister, I'd love to see your data.

    • syd what are you contributing here?

      *NLS is either above or below its 50 day MA

      *If it's above, that might be "very positive", says somebody "somewhere"

      *you are not a pumper, rather you are "throwing facts out" here for us to consider

      What facts, syd? By my count you add about one fact for every thirty or so posts.

      Here are examples of facts:
      +Profitable for 34 consecutive quarters.
      +Chairman has large ownership stake.
      +Current ratio -- an indication of solvency -- is up from 2.5 at year end to nearly 4 now. Clearly money is not a problem.
      +In the market, very high short interest continues. Most common rationale given for shorting is the low price of the stock. In my opinion this is a sign of a short-side speculative bubble. [Remember when we all wanted to sell GLW at $1.50 because it had fallen so far? You can get back in for $9 now.]
      -Company reported one poor quarter, though pretty much everyone who sells to consumers did the same.
      -Company now faces competition, though competitor is a low-end mfr in financial trouble

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