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  • dlh20 dlh20 Sep 15, 2005 3:27 PM Flag

    more flea fact

    short more @23.45

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    • NLS just regestered an outside reversal day after testing support at last weeks lows.

      We moved to a full position today.

    • do you even know what Merriman Curhan Ford is ?

      pay the money and we up grade wink wink!!!!!!!

    • Bad link in the last message. Try this one..

    • I know americanfreeman will not post again until NLS lowers Q3/Q4 rev and earnings guidance so I won't bother him/her with this. But I would encouage the rest of you to listen to what Ron Arp had to say at the Merriman Curhan Ford Investor Summit on Monday. You can find a replay here>><<.

      Now, if NLS revises Q3/Q4 numbers lower after what they've said at both the Analyst Day Summit held at NLS HQ in Vancouver, WA last week and the MCF Investor Summit on Monday I will personally fly to Vancouver, WA and lick americanfreeman's boots.

    • Do you see any serial numbers on it any where? Just curious.

    • I happen to live in Oceanside, CA and am a member of the 24H Fitness located at 4655 Fazee Rd, phone#760-757-3712. I've been using the Treadclimber there 5 days a week since they put them in. I used it yesterday and will use it again today.

      Q for americanfreeman, how am I able to use this machine if "ALL 500" have been returned?

    • OK. I'll wait and listen too. It's 9/21 today and the earnings announcement for 2Q was held on 7/27, so I'm expecting the earnings to come out by the end of Oct. If they're going to revise earnings significantly downward it should happen in the next 2-3 weeks, as I understand it. Someone who knows the rules around revisions prior to earnings announcements can certainly address the timing issues better than I can.

      It's time for Kirin's Aki Aji beer and the Autumn basho in Japan.

    • How are you privy to numbers from the plants themselves? If you are working for NLS you're betraying a confidence they apparently hold in you.

      It's too difficult to tell on this kind of board whether you know something or are just blowing smoke. My position in NLS is hardly going to dramatically affect my overall portfolio one way or another. I'm cataloging what you've said, will see how things turnout over the next few quarters, and then you'll either have gained some credibility or not, we'll see.

      It's interesting that the recent analyst upgrade don't share your views, but they've normally been pretty good at calling the trend after it's already occurred.

      I'm skeptical of what you say, but at least you're providing information may be verified at some point in the future.

    • And astral_tsar that why you won't see me trying to simply dismiss your concerns. They're based in legitimate concerns and well voiced. Even I'm saying that the NLS needs to make their earnings targets to support recent valuations. But rjr has lurked for a long time just slinging it. Particularly active as the price slides, and nowhere to be seen as the company makes projected earnings. And then these back-dated claims of making all the right moves appear. If he wants respect on the board, I think he needs to do more than he's shown in the past.

    • "... unassisted."

      Or, ok, but so assisted only by analysts, which, well, don't say you weren't warned. Analysts' target prices for this stock have been even wider of the mark than rjr's targets.

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