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  • yoibyo yoibyo Oct 28, 2005 5:18 AM Flag

    Does anyone here really know...

    where the real bottom is? I can't believe it has fallen to this point. But obviously it has.



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    • There isn't a person alive that can predict the bottom. Who would have thought ENRON would go to zero? Where were the predictions for Global Crossing when it began to head down. Was the bottom at $10, $5, $2.10, $1.40, $!

      I can believe it has fallen to this point and after it rallies for a few days/weeks from a short term low this stock will probably head lower still. It isn't acting well...people are not buying it even if the fundamentals say it is great.

      IMO, NLS, which I was long 4 days ago before being stopped out is probably due for a bounce, but it is heading lower. I'm going to get ready to short this stock when it moves up to the resistance level.

      Best of luck and Good Trading all!

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      • Certainly, the bottom has not formed yet, and we usually get confirmation bottom AFTRER it formed for weeks and months. Still, based on the Relative Strength Index (RSI), it has been dancing around 20% - sign of extreme pessimism. If you play contrarian game, I tend to believe it would bounce after earning (relieving after a not that bad report). Suspect there is any room for downside, with this kind of sentiment - unless major disappointment in the coming report.

        After all, this dog is NO Enron or Global Crossing, unless they are cheating on their accounting - CEO and CFO can now serve jail term under current law. Chance is little for NLS to have a free fall - especially at this level.

        I hold no position now, but consider purchasing a call before the report - risk/reward ration is favor to long side.

        Good luck to all

      • The fundamentals don't say it's great. The fundamentals say it's still 18x earnings with little or no growth.

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