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  • khaledmrd khaledmrd Jun 5, 2007 3:01 AM Flag

    NLS Future: Equipment VS ApparelVS new Category

    i didn't say in the short term it could be rosy, i said even the equipment biz will be under pressure from new players from China.

    i believe the streagnth is in the brands which if utilized in Apparel and footwear i expect it to be the core biz of the Group.

    the problem is that the Apparel biz is slowly progressing and need more focus and investment.

    i am interested in Nautilus because of the new born Apparel biz and not equipment.

    in 4th Qtr things will be much clearer for 2008.

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    • hmmm... footwear and clothing... hmmm who are the competitors...Nike, Columbia Sportswear, Reebok, New Balance, etc etc etc .... smart move into an easy market...

      Those guys would eat NLS's for lunch.

      Pearl is successful in a tiny tiny nihe better stay there

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      • Pear Izumi is where they got the Knowledge and best practice, you just Capitalize on the Fitness brands of Nautilus (in USA & the world) in Gyms, clubs, Hotels,etc. and Bowflex the fitness household name for millions in the USA. put on that the current managment experience.

        All you need is just a hafty % of the market by which this company could multiple in market cap.

    • Ron, How much money can yo uafford to loose on NLS? Greg pays you way to much.

    • You hit the nail on the head "wait to Q4 to see what 2008 will look like". The problem with the current management team is that they can only grow one quarter a year (Q4) because the business is in such bad shape. If NLS were truly growing they would be able to post gains in each quarter but the fact of the matter is that they have to whore out anything they can once a year to make a number and then wait for 12 months while the retailers sell through that mountain of nearly free inventory.

      This company has been managing earnings for so long that they don't know what the true business can do. No decisions have been made for the long term success of the brands, only to try and satisfy the street one quarter at a time.

      It is time for an LBO or PE firm to come in and remove Gregg and the boys to create some value for investors. Obviouusly the current hedge funds aren't up to the challenge of being activists? Where is Iccan when you need him?

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