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  • goodvibe07 goodvibe07 Aug 18, 2008 4:34 PM Flag

    Will we TOP tomorrow Tuesday 08/19/2008?

    * We should top tomorrow by all calculation. Tomorrow is a PERFECT fit and things seem to align daily more than perfectly in that direction. What's is missing is just one leg down in oil and one leg up in stocks and it's sealed.

    * I saw this like a million times now but I still can't figure out how they can sell as much as they can and then stop at the specific number they should never sell after and vice verse. We're talking about millions of transactions that come from millions of directions! Isn't that a magic? S&P was 1/2 a point from 1274 and a last 10 minutes buying got it up from these low numbers.

    * The uptrend support line from July's lows so far held its ground for SIX times and today's low 1274.51 are the new sell stop.

    * Most of times trend lines (supports or resistance) work in 7 touches where the 7th fail to hold or top. So if we go up and then drift below 1270, the waterfall has begun.

    * WARNING: The next leg up is the LAST chance to raise cash if not also short the market. My target was 1358 but considering where we are now, I believe 1320 is the new maximum target (although never say never).

    * I'll close ALL my leftover long positions and short the market tomorrow if we reaches 1320 and will cover if they run over me and reach 1360. Nice and tight. If that to be the top, I'll keep these shorts maybe until October, hopefully where we FINALLY might see A bottom.

    * My current players which I'll keep you updated with any adds, are:
    + Precious metals: GLD - GDX - DGP - SLV
    + Energy: I am still eying but not yet in USO - UNG - XLE
    + SHORT: LONG LIST. Once I start the program, I'll come here and put them.

    I hope this adds value to your thinking, green to your bank account, but most important a smile to your heart.

    Lucky and grateful

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