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  • former_public_company_ceo former_public_company_ceo Mar 2, 2005 10:29 PM Flag


    to you guys who bought at 12.50 and sold at 14 - you are really smart and great investors!! a quick pop for a 1 1/2 points in a few weeks!! Oh, yeah, you paid 35% short term capital gains, but that doesn't matter - you will just jump into another stock and make another quick 1 1/2 in a few weeks. The way i figure, you guys are making 6.5% every three weeks doing that - you can triple your money (after tax) every year. If you have a mere $100K to do that with, in 20 years you will have $1.3 billion - wow!!!

    you must feel sorry for us stupid old investors who buy a stock like LOJN at $5 in march of 2003 and aren't smart enough to sell it for a quick profit like you smart guys. i am so dumb and old and slow, i will probably just keep holding this stock through the ups and downs for years and years. I will NEVER be able to make a billon+ like you smart guys.

    It is really sad - i just keep buying these little small caps and never sell them and they don't hardly do shit - they just go up at 20% or 30% a year (well, sometimes they triple in two years, but hey, that is just domb luck!) and i am never able to make the big hit and get to a billion!!

    My hat is off to all you really smart guys!!!

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