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  • oneselect86 oneselect86 Oct 13, 2010 11:01 PM Flag

    Great post via China Growth Stock board @ I-Hub.

    Note: This section.

    China Integrated Energy, Inc. (CBEH): A non-state-owned company, China Integrated has three main businesses: the wholesale distribution of finished oil and heavy oil products, the production and sale of biodiesel, and the operation of retail gas stations. It’s located in Xi’an City in Central China.
    China Integrated, which has taken in about $380 million in sales in the past year, is a small-cap ($280 million), so it has the potential to be more volatile than larger stocks. But the model I base on the early writings of Forbes’ Kenneth Fisher thinks it’s worth a look. While most investors had focused throughout history on the P/E ratio as a way to find bargains, Fisher noted in his 1984 classic Super Stocks that earnings — even the earnings of good companies — can fluctuate greatly from year to year due to factors like one-time facilities upgrades, property sales, or legal fees. Sales, however, are far more stable and indicative of a firm’s performance, Fisher found, leading him to develop the price/sales ratio (PSR). For non-cyclical firms, my Fisher-inspired model considers PSRs below 0.75 to be tremendous values; at 0.74, China Integrated makes the grade.
    Other reasons this model likes China Integrated: The company has a debt/equity ratio of just 2.4%; its inflation-adjusted EPS growth rate is nearly 60% over the long-term; and its three-year average net profit margins are a very healthy 10.5%.

    Sound familiar ?

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