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  • hshinti hshinti Mar 23, 2011 5:00 PM Flag

    Hopefully the weak hands will be gone soon

    Who is to say that new institutions aren't buying in now as the price per share is stupid cheap? The volume has been very high lately and the price isn't tanking like the fear mongerers are hoping. All in myopinion.

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    • I'm long, but not accumulating at the moment - not because I don't like the current pricing or the company (both look great), but because this kind of buying activity is the pre-party for a short attack... look @ DEER - I sold because it was being accumulated @ $11/ps for over month before being attacked in a day down to 8.30/ps or so (two days ago!) by shorts... usually this buying is coupled with options trading in order to protect the shorter from the ultimate downward price movement that they will create once all those accumulated shares are sold... My guess is that we will see it drop in the next few days due to a secondary/tertiary attack (there are usually several 'waves' to short attack strategy to increase discomfort amongst longs). Therefore, I would be wary to bet the farm before this accumulation activity slows or before we see pops in price that don't just get gobbled up instantaneously by a big buyer at some obviously psycholigical level... and I don't think these buyers/accumulators are long or institutional - more than likely coordinated shorting groups setting longs up for a fall...

      My advice - maybe get into LPH at these low historically prices if you are a long, but only small bites for the moment - and don't be surprised if there is another wave of attacks so be careful in short term. Long term, whatever... shorts will pay one day, esp. when SEC rules take effect at the end of March and July... HOLD UNTIL YOU SEE THE WHITES OF THEIR EYES, THEN SHOW NO MERCY AND MAKE THEM PAY FOR YOUR SHARES!