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  • claefanortnorq claefanortnorq Apr 17, 2011 12:47 AM Flag

    Toups / Q & A

    CB, thanks for taking the time to detail your questions. Depending on the number of questions the moderator will allow each person, I hope to cover your A and B questions.

    Concerning your C question, I think I already got an answer to that. It may not be a good answer, but it is Redchips' answer. Last week when I called RC, I asked Mike, for the sake of investor's confidence, why LPH did not release more info regarding the acquisition. I cannot quote his respone, but it was along the line that LPH has competitors, not only for this acquisition, but for other, future acquisitions. And to, at this point in time, release any more details than what have already been given, would be counterproductive, giving the competitors an edge.

    Makes sense to me.

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