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  • hshinti hshinti May 14, 2011 3:58 PM Flag

    Questions for RedToups Q&A conference call

    Sino: " Going back a few months LPH met with Ernst & Young at a forum run by RadioAvtiveCHIP. Did E&Y take a look at Cranes work and decide to pass on taking LPH on as a client ?"

    Hshinti: On cc, Toups said switch at start of new fiscal year 7/1/11. There is no public disclosure that LPH met with E&Y. As if you didn't know that (shakes head).

    Sino: "In closing, the Yahoo shareholder robbery almost took me out of this investment on Friday and it still might on Monday."

    Hshinti: Shakes head again. Please leave? Your P&D posting does LPH investors zero good.

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