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  • cb_wilson cb_wilson Jul 5, 2011 7:46 PM Flag

    If and when the acquisition is announced .....

    "I'm asking the same questions *any* reasonable investor should if they were trying to do some minimal DD."

    Nonsense. Read your own posting history morefud. Any objective person would dismiss you outright as nothing more than a conspiracy theorist, likely with a strong FUD agenda. Since you own no shares, and you are unwilling to share with anyone why you bother posting this swill, I'll just have to keep countering it with the obvious factual info that we know. Everyone here knows MY agenda. You on the other hand are simply a fraud.

    Your level of skepticism is neither reasonable, or real. You are angry, you are cynical, and you are a coward who hides behind a computer screen and throws rocks at everyone.

    If you want credibility, take a position in LPH, contribute balanced arguments, and act like a reasonable poster, instead of a petulant child.

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