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  • paul20012001 paul20012001 Jul 8, 2011 8:58 AM Flag

    This deal will be completed by end of August

    No financing, no notes, no dilution

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    • The Haujie facility is turn key so the business ramping up process should be rapid. Dora Dong has connections with the party, so an eastward expansion of business towards Beijing should occur. Mr Cai will be able to leverage his relationships to substantially grow revenue in northern Shanxi as well.

    • LPH management rescinded the S3 which has ended the dilution of stockholders leaving only the 2009 Warrants which may expire worthless by October 18 of this year. Because LPH isn't going to dilute shareholders, it's going to take longer to close the Haujie facility. The traders spreading fud know this fact and distort to get cheaper shares imo.

    • It seems to me that the deal is still not closed yet contrary to your opinion. That is probably the reason why the stock has taken a plunder late last year. It was almost unimaginable that the deal could have been closed without additional funding external to the company at that time.

      However, I do applaud management's decision to drag this out for two more quarters to allow cash inflow to pay off the deal without diluting shares. Depending on how well the company performed for a couple quarters after the acquistion, I would not be surprised to see the stock go above $3 again. The short term decision by management has cast doubts on the investors, but it is better than diluting them.

      It is good to find an undervalued stock to invest once in a while. Good luck to all longs.

    • Then they should have said that. This PR will just prolong the agony, creates more questions than answers, and gives plenty of fuel to the bashers for the next what....6 months?

      For the average investor, this PR has "deal going sour" written all over it. Are you telling me they couldn't find someone to spot them $30MM for a couple of quarters?

      There is absolutely nothing good to take away from this. From a PR standpoint, this is a fumble pure and simple.

    • I agree - no dilution -