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  • lupisv lupisv Aug 16, 2011 6:09 AM Flag


    As of today my doubts finally are almost cleared.About 4/5 months ago in one of my post i was sayng there were some strong hands keeping LPH S/P forcefully down,then me and an other respected member on this board rephrased it WTF is selling? And i retain i must have read somewhere that a private indivicual investor was forced to sell his position in LPH for personal reasons and was bringing the price down,well, that article was a lie,more,in english since is not my mother language i think they would say that was B/S.WHAT A F^PIECE OF WORK this old foxes have done they were able to accumulate 3.2 mill shares '10%OF THE FLOAT" at the lowest price in two years by scaring a lot of retail investors and all in 6 months time.I think i should not even complain and thank them instead.Guys call me malicious,malignant,vicious but i believe until FIDELITY FUNDS STILL IS BUYNG SHARES THE PRICE P/S WILL BE AROUND THIS LEVEL,THEREAFTER BOTH R/C,MR TOUPS AND ASSOCIATES WILL COME OUT FROM THE HOLE WITH SOME GOOD NEWS and will see some positive action.MHPO.glta

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    • It makes perfect sense since Toups did the roadshow and travelled to NY, Boston and Chicago. Fidelity obviously took notes and made a nice big buy. Now more than ever, we probably won't hear anything until next month, and that should align with end of Fidelity's inital big purchases. Perhaps Fidelity will have 4 or 5 million shares by the end of the 9/30/11 reporting period.

      It's amazing how Fidelity quietly bought another million plus on the quiet. Meanwhile, if any of us tried to buy that many, the price would go through the roof. Great to see Fidelity owning 10% of the float!

    • I don't understand, Lupi... who bought 3.2M shares at the lowest price in two years? Do you mean Fidelity?

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      • I meant because,of poor communication,and very few P/R from THE COMPANY,last week LPH fell to the lowest price in 26 months to $1.10,though at that price there were only 2800 shares traded.I meant that ever since fidelity has been buyng millions of shares,on a thin traded stock P/S instead of going up is has been heading south,and that is what manipulation is all about.I think a lot of reatail investors have been scare to death and abandoned ship and fidelity really showed how smart they really are .dont get me wrong,i'm enthusiast to know that funds are buyng big times and the fact that they are accumulating makes me feel more confident with my investment.I presume that after fidelity and whoever has done buyng there will be a lot ofP/R ,but not at the moment. Presently,would be very positive if there would be some upgrade about toups contract,and perhaps the webcams?and leave the most important issues for september.Did fidelity bought in at the lowest price in 2 years?no!let's say in the last 23 months,you have the list who bought in at$ 1.10 in august 2009.ciao more

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