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  • hshinti hshinti Aug 24, 2011 3:50 PM Flag

    Additional Virtual Conference Points

    1. The Haujie facility is 300 Kilometers distance from the Gujiao and Taiyuan facilities so that means very little overlap of customers and relatively close to Beijing.

    2. $480 million revenue prediction by LPH is close to the predictions made by longs on this board so no surprise.

    3. $15-20 million working capital needed for filling Haujie tanks and cash flow will be used.

    4. Pictures of Toups and Van Waggoner standing in front of the tanks at the Haujie facility. Auditors and Toups were on the ground.

    5. Another analyst visited the facilities and an investor meet and greet may be scheduled by a sponsoring analyst.

    6. The bank deal was not completed by LPH because the high double digit interest rates, high closing costs and the time for closing which would be similar to using cash flow and paying off the remainder of the purchase cost. Debt free!

    7. No dilution of stockholders period.

    8. No cams period. Military issues.

    9. China gvt hasn't lowered the nation's gas prices so LPH is earning additional margins.

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