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  • hshinti hshinti Sep 21, 2011 4:10 PM Flag

    LPH News

    I was curious about the NIA and here is there website. There is no doubt they are talking about LPH. Do they have much influence?

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    • I just got this email from NIA, interesting:

      NIA believes that we are currently blessed with a once in a lifetime opportunity to make massive short-term profits in China stocks that have been beaten down by 50% to 90% this year for no good reason. In our opinion, within the next few weeks, many China stocks will double or triple from their current fire sale prices. We believe we know which China stocks have the best chance of doing so and we made them the highest ranking China stocks in our report!

      NIA's favorite agriculture stock suggestion and largest stock holding is a company with assets in China that recently tripled from its 52-week low in a period of just weeks. In our opinion, there are many China stocks trading in the U.S. with the potential to do the very same within just weeks. As a special bonus, everybody who contributes for our China report will receive for free our agriculture report about our favorite agriculture stock and largest holding. Even after tripling from its low, we believe its biggest gains are yet to come. Our agriculture stock suggestion owns stock in a foreign agriculture company located in an English speaking country that is worth substantially more than its current market cap. Their assets in China are receiving no value at all!

      As you read our China report, you will realize this is a common theme that repeats itself. Many of our highest ranking China stocks have market caps that are below their cash positions, meaning that their rapidly growing and extremely profitable businesses are receiving absolutely no value at all! NIA has done in-depth research in order to determine if these companies are legitimate or not. In our opinion, the legitimate China stocks trading below cash and currently not receiving any value for their businesses, will soon explode to the upside. When we say soon, we mean possibly within the next few weeks and certainly by the end of 2011.

      NIA's report features 100 different China stocks trading in the U.S. with market caps between $5 million and $500 million and ranks them in order based on their potential! NIA is extremely confident about the top 10 companies in its report and believes these 10 stocks are insanely undervalued with no where to go but up. Not only are some of these companies trading for near their cash on hand, but some of them also have P/E ratios as low as 1 or 2!

      If you would like to be among the lucky few to receive this life changing NIA report, please visit the following link and submit the required contribution at your earliest convenience. The deadline is tomorrow (Thursday) at 10AM EST and the report will be released tomorrow at 12PM noon EST:

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