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  • chickenhatsdotcom chickenhatsdotcom Oct 17, 2011 3:03 PM Flag

    LPH is staring .67 right in the face .....

    I still have the stock rated as a buy (not a strong buy), but with the overall market declining again here at the top of the trading range, I'd say that .67 is in the cards (P/E of 1), especially with research groups like Rodman & Renshaw no longer covering the space.

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    • Just a bunch of retail investors swapping shares with each other here. Institutions buying ? LOL. Not any more. Number of institutions participating on their last CC ? ZERO.

    • JoeNatural: LPH - Russ, it's going to .67
      rru2s: source?
      JoeNatural: me
      rru2s: you just PMed bogey cuz he wants my 0.91s at 0.84 again, right?
      rru2s: lol
      rru2s: source of you?
      JoeNatural: yes ... me
      JoeNatural: I'm the source
      rru2s: yep there has to be some informational input to that conclusion, for it to be worth more than conjecture, seriously
      JoeNatural: P/E of 1 = .67
      rru2s: obviously it isn't with an acquisition and unless that falls through we have a PE of 1.6
      rru2s: your own words joe the market works on FWD PE
      rru2s: I meant to say TTM PE 1.6 without acquisition, FWD PE=1 with acquisition
      rru2s: just to finish that discussion, it boils down to if the market is 100% convinced the acquisition WONT happen then it could go to 0.67. If the market believes it has a strong probability of completing acquisition this quarter as they stated, then the current price is the floor with FWD PE=1
      JoeNatural: Russ .... LPH could go as low as .36
      rru2s: binary assumptions - "A" or not "A"
      rru2s: you really try to work that power of suggestion, LOL...
      rru2s: I noticed that with AERL this morning on SA, didn't work so well over there huh
      JoeNatural: Russ ..... I'm totally messing with you about LPH price potentials. You might as well watch grass grow.
      rru2s: trader's MO, bash as hard as possible before a big catalyst so the spring is coiled tighter, to hell with longer term holders, LOLOLOL
      JoeNatural: Speaking of bashing, I need to go throw a bash or two on LPH's Yahoo board. BRB
      rru2s: LOLOLOLOL
      rru2s: sounds like someone has an axe to grind, LMAO
      nsomniyak: JoeN is the Paul Bunyan of axe-grinders...he missed his calling as a Dwarf in Middle Earth...
      GlobeTrade: they should have sicced JoeN on Bin Laden.........he would have found him in 24 hours.....sued him .....then killed him
      nsomniyak: the trilogy is a better story
      JoeNatural: LPH - Yahoo board bash complete. Carry on.

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