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  • bonalcharles bonalcharles Apr 24, 2012 3:48 PM Flag

    Thursday, April 26

    We will see if the posting of the photos of the proposed new facility was a pre requisite of the announcement for the completion of this acquisition. And let’s see if the CFO takes the opportunity to announce RECON. I guess we will have to wait and see. My bet the acquisition will be announced as per the RECON I am not sure. Either way I believe the stock will move upwards. JMHO.

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    • A glass of wine
      And caviar
      Everyone there will feel like a star
      Hands shaken
      Expensive suits on display
      Confident smiles, the Harvard Club way
      Toils will herald the videos
      And photos too
      Hey investors, we're thinking of you
      That's all for not
      But just let me say
      The reconciliation is on the way
      Before I forget let me add
      The acquisition has not gone bad
      I must finish
      Because I spy
      One last toasted slice of Rhye
      Topped with foie gras
      Oh la la
      Gentry don't spoil it with your sloppy Cole slaw
      Numbers flashed
      Be what they may
      Lofty gents, it's the Harvard Club way
      What else will be said
      What will be told
      Tomorrow we'll watch the events unfold

    • He probably JA and buying and selling and playing da game. Seen dem punks at da shore!

    • There is not enough cash to close the deal and ramp up facility (fill in empty tanks). Sorry, but no chance to close Huaije before August.

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