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  • paul20012001 paul20012001 May 11, 2012 11:20 AM Flag

    ADY - From 5's to 9's in one day trading

    Back to 7's today (and still up 100% in one month)

    HEAT - From 2's to 9's in two days WOW

    What a ride...not for the faint of heart, especially if you're stupid enough to try and short them.

    One morning we may wake up and be in the 7's or 8's

    Irrespective of Re-con and Acquisition timing

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    • At what point do you tink your vote for Obama is going to do anybody good?

    • I'll keep this short and sweet:

      1) Nice revisionist view - you're a poster child for confirmation bias. Of course everyone here remembers your absolutely EPIC (and imaginary) short Anti-Chinese RTO sentiment... in 2002-03.

      2) You're hog-piling on the latest Chinese twitter and message-board pumps (days?) proclaiming victory over the short traders, and then point out three Chinese stocks that have survived over a few years to illustrate how wrong a short *trader* was that sat in it for a *decade*. Do you realize how goofy you sound?

    • Great point Paul. If anybody looks at the posts for NTES, there were lots of naysayers similar to the knuckle draggers here.

    • We will have our day....

    • Amazing moves and that's what happens when legit companies stock prices have been repressed by the guilt by association crowd. You can feel the pressure building for LPH and her day will come in a big way imo.

      • 2 Replies to hshinti
      • Guilt by association? <chortle!>

        Are you seriously implying that HEAT and ADY are spotless and trading where there are because they're unfairly associated with other RTOs? Do you live under a rock?

        Let's start with HEAT, another ol' time Joe Gaimichael 'pick' at Rodman and Renshaw. I think Bain and BMO also got a piece of that action. (three strikes already).

        Next sin? How about Arnie Stanloff, Chair of HEAT's Audit Committee. Past director of Lehman's Derivative Mill until 2008 - I wonder why he left? Also headed audit committee of (now delisted) FEED during years of their admitted fraudulent accounting. Also on the board of DEER. Connection? HEAT, FEED and DEER are all spawn of Benjamin Wey and the dubious auditors Wey 'supplied': either Kabani or Anshun/EverTrust. I guess Arnie didn't notice the connection. He was also oblivious to the (proported) payments HEAT and DEER made to NY bucket shop First Merger Capital to 'promote' their stock. Arnie must have some kind of fatal man-crush on Wey because he also Chaired the Audit Committee of CleanTech Innovations - delisted six weeks after their NASDAQ listing. Arnie is easily strike four.

        And about HEAT's bucket shop? Well, it turns out that HEAT had four of their former managers set up accounts at First Merger - and proceeded to unload over four million crony shares into the market without tipping off bagholders. Hey - EX-employees, so it's not like it was illegal, right? Strike five, but you get the idea. Besides, it's trading under sixty cents/share nowdays, isn't it?

        ADY? An accounting-challenged poster child. How can anyone pay $1M a YEAR to their chain of auditors (and poor ones at that) and still screw up their late and amended filings? Who would appoint a 29-year-old with zero accounting experience as 'CFO'? I see that this person *was* a CEO of a few companies from age 19 to 26(!). Before you trust *anything* about Fiehe's numbers, you need to read the odd responses they give to SEC inquiries. Sequoia had their founder on the board. They bailed out of their redeemables early at a loss last year, sold off much of the rest and left ADY's board.

        I get your point about guilt by association hshinti, but you really need to direct your reply to a post that actually names two LEGITIMATE examples. HEAT and ADY don't cut it.

        Besides, you'll notice that the PPS for both are disintegratig post-pump. There is nothing but hot air under both of these companies.

      • "You can feel the pressure building for LPH"

        This is true!

        Longwei Petroleum continues to disappoint its shareholders.LPH is becoming the poster child for over promising and under delivering.

        Just another worthless thread by a worthless poster.The village idiot speaks again!

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