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  • hshinti hshinti May 17, 2012 7:36 AM Flag

    Back in small at $1.22 and ....

    Nice catch kingfrog! Mr. Hats is so busted lol. Unfortunately, many sheep will be scared out of their shares so Mr. Hats and other "reputable" folk can steal your shares. It's unfortunate but that is what a lot of these fear mongers are doing. Any negative or subtle negative post is someone trying to buy shares at a lower price. That is fact. That's what Mr. Hono is doing. That's what Marek is doing. They all sold and want back in. Those thugs feel they can have an impact on low volume traded companies like LPH, and they do. Once the catalysts occur, their venom filled posts will become ineffective as they switch to positive mode or go silent. It's a scumbag's game that they play.

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    • So busted ? LOL. For pointing out the company's flaws ? Bottom line is .... you guys need to learn how to trade and evaluate what's happening. Believe me .... my $1.22 small entry is very risky IMO and I can afford to lose the whole enchilada. Just grabbed a few more at $1.10, but won't be surprised to watch this P.O.S. trade under $1.00 again.

    • That's what the meth does to ya, Hshinti - paranoia.

      You keep rehashing the same old conspiracy:

      First, it's the evil shorts depressing the price (even though the short position is negligible).

      Then you suggest the long warrant holders where shorting against warrant shares (which is just plain silly if they're this far out of the money).

      Now, it's the weak longs dumping because of 'fear mongering' so other longs can get those shares cheaply.

      When the meth buzz wears off again, consider this:

      Hono is in your basement right now watching you - he can see you through the vents. He knows your e*Trade password. He may be selling your shares cheaply to himself right this minute!

    • Hshinti believe me I am not playing to depress the price, I am just asking sometimes difficult questions.