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  • hshinti hshinti Jun 26, 2012 9:36 AM Flag

    Independent Reconciliation on Tap!

    LPH has instructed it's PCAOB accounting firm to INDEPENDENTLY OBTAIN the SAT and SAIC data from the CHINESE GVT to conduct and complete RECONCILIATION which will reported in JULY 2012!

    This is an unprecedented action in the Chinese Small Cap Space.

    LPH is the RTO Last STanding. Plain and Simple!

    Very long LPH!

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    • Piece of history: Naysayers thought the reconciliation wasn't going to be published, LOL.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • "...The Company anticipates receiving the final Tax Reconciliation Report from CVB in July 2012..."

      And there you go... you will only ever see a CVWB 'report'; not a chopped SAIC Annual Inspection, not a chopped SAIC business license, not a SAT tax filing: just an internally-commissioned CVWB REPORT. Admittedly better than nothing, but Toups has not disappointed: "Trust us - look, our auditor even checked!"

      Isn't this exactly where Longwei is right now? "Trust us - our auditor said so!"

      Anyways, this is obviously your clearance for all-caps, exclamation-riddled glee postings for the next month, Hshinti. You and Paul^2 have nailed this with iron-clad, irrefutable, verifiable proof of... well, CVWB's word, I guess. Nothing shady here all along - I am humbled by Cai's commitment to transparency.

      [And I hate to point out the obvious here, but why hasn't CVWB been doing this as a normal course auditing LPH every year? How were they auditing LPH until now - by twitter? So ALL this time, they've *never* done the most basic of independent auditing checks and looked at their client's SAT filings? <sigh...> ]

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