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  • lphreal lphreal Aug 16, 2012 7:11 AM Flag

    Self-Destructive Transaction of Manipulators

    At present, manipulators are trapped by having too much cash. To utilize the cash effectively, manipulators are forced to generate artificial volumes to push the price down as a way of convincing the weak hands to get out. At the same time, however, manipulators are frightened that day traders and strong hands will grab their baits.

    What happens if the great majority of individual investors figure out the manipulators’ plot and decide to hold or buy-and-hold stocks? Manipulators will lose more shares and pay extra transaction fees in order to maintain a low price.

    Can you visualize the benefit of waiting on the sideline with a little patience?

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    • The manipulators will go on a negative posting binge to try to get their shares on the cheap. They use subtle techniques to plant a small seed of doubt in the mind of their target. They know this technique works because the keep coming back. Hold LPH and starve the manipulators.

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