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  • unemon1 unemon1 Nov 22, 2012 9:57 AM Flag

    Yongjun Cai ... any Business - Link to PUDA?

    Mr. Yongjun Cai is the legal representative of the following company:

    google: 2281302 "山西蓝星新通科贸有限公司"

    2281302 is the reported Phone number.

    Now ... go on the yahoo Finance page for Puda Coal Inc, select Company Profile form the tab ... and look at the Phone Number reported For Puda Coal Inc.

    did someone make a mistake?

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    • I just asked my contact in Taiyuan. The address of this LanXing company shown on that web page is in an totally different area from Puda's office. The two area has different telephone area codes. So, if the phone number without area code shown on that Chinese webpage is not a fake one, it must happen to have same last 7 digits with Puda's phone number but have different area codes. So, Even that Lan-Xing company is not related to Puda. Case closed.

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    • After doing some research, it is obvious that the page either a mistake or a fake corporate page created by you. The page is on a free registing private corporate site, and the information is limited and page looks amateur. So, somebody just created it on the fly.

      PUDA's phone number is a fixed land line number in Taiyuan. Since this "Lan Xin" company is in a different address from Puda, how can the two comapnies have the same landline phone number. The number shown for Lan Xin does not have area code. So, even if the page is not a fake one, the phone number must be a cell phone number that just happen to have the same last 7 digits with Puda's landline phone number.

      Also, like English names, there are many people with the same name Chinese name in the same province. even If the page is not a fake one, the representative of that company just happen to have the same name as Mr. Cai.

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