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  • unemon1 unemon1 Nov 22, 2012 12:58 PM Flag

    LPH Revenues

    2011 was for Coal Copanies in china one year of decreasing demand ... but again LPH was able to increase its revenue from Industrial Users, Coal Operations & Power Generation sales by about 8.12%

    ... that's impressive!! ... smart ppl managing the business there ...

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    • Fiscal year ending June 30, 2011 compared to Fiscal year ending 2010 did show increased revenues as a result of the following: (1) trending increase in oil prices; (2) acqusition of Gujiao facility which caused the first half of FY 2010 to be much lower in sales and FY 2011 to have much higher sales; and (3) LPH relative customer makeup shifting more towards growth in sales to gas stations while at the same time a lower fraction of sales to industrial users, which made up the difference during the industrial slowdown period.

      Point No. 1 demonstrated from Page 29 of the 10K for Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2011:
      As oil prices were rising, LPH profit margins were rising, & higher profit per mt. in 2011 vs 2010.

      Item Description________9/09Q__12/09Q__3/10Q__6/10Q__9/10Q__12/10Q__3/11Q__6/11Q
      Avg. Selling Price/mt____$769____$821___$854___$885____$903___$967___$1057__$1173
      Avg. Cost /metric ton____$656____$696___$719___$747____$766___$816____$882___$967
      Gross profit/metric ton___$113____$125___$135___$138____$137___$151____$175___$206
      Gross profit margin (%)___14.7%__15.2%__15.8%__15.6%__15.2%__15.6%___16.6%__17.6%

      Point No. 2 demonstrated from Page 29 of the 10K for Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2011:
      From 12/30/09 through 3/31/11, Gujiao operation and sales were ramping up, leading to higher volume of sales for fiscal year ending 6/30/11 versus 6/30/10, although the trend was reduced by a 10% falloff in Taiyuan in last 2 quarters of fiscal year 2011 caused by economic slowdown.

      Item Description__________9/09Q__12/09Q__3/10Q__6/10Q__9/10Q__12/10Q__3/11Q__6/11Q
      Taiyuan volume sold-mt_____73k_____72k____75k____75k____73k_____72k____60k____61k
      Gujiao volume sold -mt______0k_____10k_____33k____48k____46k_____47k____48k____42k
      Total volume sold --- mt_____73k____82k____108k___123k___119k____118k___108k___104k

      Point No. 3 demonstrated from Page 28 of 10K for fiscal year ending 06/30/11:
      There was a falloff of industrial sales as a percent of total sales in 2011 due to the economic slowdown, but it was more than balanced by increased sales to small gas stations:

      Item Description__________________________2011____2010
      Industrial Users - Coal & Power Plants_________50%____55%
      Large-Scale Gas Stations___________________34%____35%
      Small, Independent Gas Stations_____________16%____10%

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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