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  • enthalpygains4 enthalpygains4 Dec 5, 2012 9:12 AM Flag

    Running list of disproven lies by unemon1/umbisam tag team

    Running list of disproven lies by unemon1/umbisam tag team:

    1) Falsely claimed LPH licenses for hazardous chemicals were not current

    2) Falsely claimed Shanxi Methanol is a subsidiary of PUDA instead of LPH

    3) Falsely claimed CEO is a supervisor in PUDA

    4) Falsely claimed RedChip employees are posting on LLEN and LPH board

    5) Falsely claimed CEO is part of a different larger company - Heitan - when in fact LPH BOUGHT the facility at Gujiao that used to be part of Heitan before the acquisition

    6) Claim that auditor did not verify SAIC/SAT original file copies -- auditor signed off on the reconciliation and the reconiliation official chop stamp is in the 8k. Auditor directly examined PRC computers in state tax office and verified data firsthand.

    Running list of completely bad predictions by the same group:

    1) Bad prediction that after warrant expiration date, PRs would stop, support for stock price would
    evaporate, and stock would go down

    ... This list will be updated until they get fired for being ineffective at their job.

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    • Ha! Unemon1 and Umbisam have been ineffective for more than one month. It's the right time to add three more items to the updated list:

      7) Falsely claimed the LPH's tank size was too small by scaling the dimension from photos without considering the view angle and relative position among objects.

      8) Falsely claimed LPH's revenue is virtually non-existent by providing the fabricated video tape in the First Hit Piece.

      9) Falsely claimed LPH's 2012 revenue is 0.42 millions through CCTV and GEOInvesting's reports in the Second Hit Piece.

      • 1 Reply to lphreal
      • fantastic ..... absolutely fantastic ....

        lphunreal, you wont survive by transforming realities ..... it's over my friend ... over ....

        and U&U were simply good in their doings ..... simply the best around ....

        Geo tells outcome to others at the end of their job ... U&U share their findings in real time ....

        byebye .... LPHREAL ....

    • Tag team working overtime last night....the lie-o-meter is pinned off-scale.

      This duo works in tandem on boards such as LLEN and others -their lies include claiming the CEO of LLEN is in jail....they will stop at nothing to spread more lies and prey on those who have limited knowledge and ability to search Chinese language websites.

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    • Put the tag team duo of two-bit wanna-be shorties on IGGY...every post is a lie from UMBI-SCAM and UNI-DIKLESSS

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    • 8) Claims he has looked at TSS satellite imagery and that LPH Taiyuan facility has no truck activity. Right buddy, LPH had 24-7 videocam recorders installed a couple years ago just to #$%$ off lying jokers like yourself. LPH is so transparent they even published all of the latitude and longitude coordinates of each of their facilities in a recent S-3 filing. Why would they do these steps if they didn't openly invite interested parties to check out their operations?

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    • QoQ earnings are headed up based on Huajie ramp up. Meanwhile, a never ending stream of grasping at straws. What a sad excuse for a two-bit short.
      Will find out the hard way that EPS will gradually move the stock up for longs to profit.

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    • A little background info to understand who not to believe

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    • 8) Claims that Huajie Petroleum costs are absurd compared to comparables. The cost paid for Huajie is comparable to the 2008 construction of a 600 ton Tianjin facility for $314 million. A comparables analysis of construction costs was conducted by maxsoar. It was built by Tianjin Anjiu Oil Storage Company, Limited (AJOS) and is located in Port Based Industrial Park in Tianjin City. Built in 2008 with a storage capacity of 600,000 metric tons, it was designed to transport oil in and out via railraods as LPH facilities do, and also some portion via waterline. The quality of the recent construction and safety requirements, along with a timeframe within a couple years of Huajie, yields a cost structure that is analogous with respect to construction services. The cost analysis predicted that if the same construction company had built Huajie it would lhave cost around $125 million, $19 million higher that LPH paid for Huajie when it signed the deal in March 2011. In addition, between 2008 and 2011, construction costs went up.

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    • Longs please ignore these two clowns. They are here for no other reason that to open a small short position for their boss, who had no idea what kind of legitimate stock this was and picked it only based on a chart with a recent run.

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    • 7) Claims CEO and a third party unrelated to LPH colluded to buy shares on the open market over the last 2 months since acquisition of Huajie to push up share price so that warrants would be redeemed. Another lie based on ridiculous assumption that wouldn't even work if it were true:

      First off, Cai owns 33% and has to file a Form 4. Second, who is this Zhang guy, not an affiliate of LPH and never heard of him. Bashers must have their insider namelist mixed up with some other stock. Third, even attempting to push up share price over 49 trading days would require open market buys of 30% of average daily volume. Then to later dump those shares while others are dumping shares converted from warrants would result in a net loss. I estimate $342k loss as the difference of $0.25 per share loss on open market buys and sells of 120k shares over 49 days, versus gains from $2.25 per share warrant conversions of 200k warrants in October plus another 500k warrants in November. So the net would be a loss. A futile scheme if you ask me.

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    • Exposing the tag team's false claims.

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