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  • jwhittaker5 jwhittaker5 Jan 3, 2013 11:58 AM Flag

    Video Evidence

    I am a long and currently loosing my shirt here. I remain hopeful, but how can management refute that video evidence. The press release will surely deny the fraud claims, but what will they say about the videos?

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    • Curious to me that the for two facilities, the dates for the videos are identical, and all videos that were shown in the article are either shot on a Monday or Tuesday.

      I don't know if there is any significance to this, but the coincidence seems odd to me, especially considering how many dates they claim to have filmed.

      I have no position in LPH.

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      • I am still waiting for a link to the time laps videos still no response. LPH has been in business for some time now with insider ownership of 67% and all of a sudden we get the two U's posting on this board and a short time later we get a GEO SA negative article. I have seen this pattern before. I have no info about the GEO investment group other than they have a blog. Does anyone have any info on these guys? Just starting to do my research on this group any help would be appreciated.
        I have responded to their article on SA. I have several questions for them but they have not responded. Who is hiding what here? Just want the facts. I will go back and rehash the SEC and SAC filings of LPH to see what I missed over these last two years. I question everyone and everything that means the latest SA article.

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      • Re the dates for the videos being identical, could it be possible that they could afford to buy more than one camera, mount them somewhere, and shoot simultaneously?

    • The first symptom is denial -- this is not real, this is fake; someone set this up for personal gain.
      It is followed by anger -- anger towards the outside, e.g., NYSE, the company, SA for revealing the truth.
      Then depression -- why me?
      Lastly, acceptance.

      Hopefully you'll reach acceptance soon and not linger on the other symptoms. It is not healthy.

    • it depends on whether people can be taken to court for concocting false 'evidence'. eg. muddywaters. i am long, and the trading has been halted, i would have sold if not for the trading halt (at least to wait for information). but honestly i feel that some parties have a vested interest in making this fall. and it's easier to short LPH than AAPL, for example.

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    • Unless it is fraudulent, which is certainly possible, the pictures could have been taken of the rail, before takeover and ramp up and the trucks through could have been duriong holiday slow period.

      WQorst case vs best case. Just presenting both possibilities.

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    • Does anyone on this board understand the storage business. Product is shipped in and out. Retail sales account for less than 1% of total sales. Management made that clear in the 10k when they referred to small amount of retail sales at the storage facility. If you sold you were taken by the shorts.

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