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  • karimmardini2000 karimmardini2000 Jan 5, 2013 7:19 AM Flag

    copy of LPH message declaring a one time dividend of 0.23 and quarterly 0.046 to be released Mon or Tue

    (AMEX: LPH)

    Dividend Payments
    Dividend Amount
    Ex-dividend Date
    Payable Date

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    • If LPH is goint to pay Dividend to shareholders, the new should has been out at least 6 months ago. I don't know where you got this information, but I think this is one of frauds what Chinese companies do.

    • Karim, please post a link, i searched everywhere and could not find this.. thanks!

    • It sure would add an interesting twist if LPH announced a quarterly dividend. I doubt it but if they were thinking of doing so in 2013/2014 then certainly doing so now would add legitamacy to its financials.

    • Karimmardini,

      Again, I hope you are right in what you are posting....I know that GEO went after LLEN in a similar way they have gone after LPH. They CLAIMED to have evidence, and signatures of those involved declaring assets were not owned by the company and financials were not accurate, etc......soon after those attacks and in fact right before, the bashers started posting and once the report was released the law firms started their "investigations" etc...

      Bottom line is that the company pushed back...proved they were legit...proved what they owned....(to me in all of this it became clear that there were some grey areas but not fraud...some of this the result of a different culture...some the result of a small business....most was the greed of GEO using whatever means to scare and bully for profit).

      We need LPH to come out swinging....they had reconciliation of records recently done, they had auditors on site, they should have signed contracts or agreements in place, and they have valued their assets.

      Good luck to you....and again, I hope your info is spot on. But I am very doubtful they will offer a dividend given what has happened, given those who were shaken out who would probably cry "foul" that they lost their share price AND THEN LOST the dividend.


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      • Believe me at the moment I have nothing to do with LPH, I will consider buying after the stock open if the price is right. You can do your own work and look at the videos posted by GEO, they don't tell anything. Secondly GEO admitted that there is Huajie plant which LPH stated that they just closed the deal in Oct. 2012, so why a company commiting a fraud buy assets and not keep the cash and from where they got the money if they had bad business as stated by GEO since 2011 and only they sold one load of gas in a 40 days period. Well I admit GEO were smart and they knew how to let people panic, today if I post a story about a utility company and refer back to Enron it looks people will beleive and start dumping stocks.

    • When pigs fly.

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