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  • joeradcliff122 joeradcliff122 Jan 5, 2013 8:58 PM Flag

    Don,t worry longs. your retirement $$$$$$ is in my saving account.I will have fun with it $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


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    • If you check LPH shorts it shows there is about 670000 short stocks, but this doesn't reflect the shorts on Thursday which is more than 10 million shorts because the stock was halted and brokers were not able to excute and closed it by the end of the day. Well if LPH come with a solid reply, then shorts is going to lose big time as the stock will fly, from where they are going to get stocks to cover the shorts, I really feel bad for both the longs and shorts in this case, Wall Street really becomes Las Vegas.

    • brontrent7351 Jan 5, 2013 10:24 PM Flag

      Most of these shorts seem like cold dark hollowed out shells. thriving on the worst case senario. In a way I kind of feel sorry for them. I would rather make no money investing than living off peoples misfortune. I have a feeling most of these post laughing about others loses are just kids hijacking threads and have never invested in anything short or long. If not most likely sociopathic losers.

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      • 1 Reply to brontrent7351
      • well the shorts justify their existence by saying they are doing you a favor.

        actually in reality they just want themselves to feel better.

        reality is they are #$%$. but that's another story
        if they really wanted justice they would have halted it and found a way to deal the least damage but that doesn't earn them the big bucks.

        no money for charity man,
        no money for charity.

    • You, short seller, must have mental problem, that's why you keep posting the same message over and over again. ;-)

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