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  • semidutch semidutch Jan 15, 2013 12:26 PM Flag

    Finance an investigation

    There are a lot of LPH investors on this board. If you band together and put up some money, you may be able to hire a Chinese investigator like Orient Business Investigation Co. or make other arrangements sending someone to observe traffic at the LPH terminals. Yes, it means throwing some money out the window, but it will give you certainty one way or another once LPH starts trading again if one of you is willing to organize this.

    Disclosure: I don't own LPH at this time but may do some DD on it. I have used Orient Business Investigation in the past.

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    • Semidutch - how much money have you lost so far on all these scams?
      Still you keep grasping for straws.
      Wake up!

    • Are they good?
      btwresearch group sent a professional investigator to longwei last year and did not find anything wrong like GEO said. everybody forgets about the report they published last year? go look at their website. did the company suddenly went from good to bad last quarter?

    • Now that's good idea. Too bad we even have to consider it. The SEC and NYSE:AMEX should be able to know whether LPH is legitimate or not and should have known a LONG TIME AGO. As far as I'm concerned.....those are the people that should be sued if this company is not legit. There's NO WAY IMO that companies that are corrupt should be allowed on a MAJOR exchange like AMEX .....NYSE.....or NASDAQ. I don't believe they should even be allowed on the OTB. The SEC allows "stock symbols" to be acquired FAR TOO EASILY. That's the PROBLEM. The question is WHY do they do this? My guess is some High Roller #$%$ wants to deliberately set BOBBY-TRAPS to ensnare smaller investors so they can't join the "High Roller Club." We've already seen a move like that with the 25K "rule" regarding daytrading.

      Sentiment: Hold

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