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  • dshull06 dshull06 Jan 31, 2013 10:19 AM Flag

    Law firms

    Even the law firms getting involved are full of #$%$!! I only have 2000 shares, so they won't even respond to my emails.

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    • Now you're starting to get the picture of "Wall Street" correct. You have your Market Maker vultures like E*Trade etc.....and your "legal" vultures....and your bogus stock symbol vultures.....all supported by the vultures who run and operate the SEC.

      No matter how you look at it...they are a bunch of vultures. They ought to re-name Wall Street ....Vulture Street.

      I too have a small number of shares and haven't and won't ever contact a vulture. I'll bounce back from this minor "hit"...but I'll not be "investing" in the corrupt market again......anywhere. The arrogant little "rich boys" want you to do what they do.....which is garbage....and think like they do which is trash. For example you could "invest" in Apple until enough people get fed up with computers and cell phones etc and take up bowling or something which is a lot more fun than computers, phones and idiotic "I-pods"....then Apple will ltank to around $25 or $30 share if that. It happened to Yahoo and it willl happen to Apple.

      As for Chinese stocks......unless the PRC OFFICALLLY does something positive (CCTV is NOT Officaldom in China) like for example make good on investor losses on China-based companies that are/were scams and CLEAN UP THE MESS by not allowing such scams......I for one will no longer have ANYTHING to do with Chinese ANYTHING.. If the Chinese Government continues to ignore this problem....they reduce themselves to the same level as the VULTURES OF WALL STREET.

      I have a brass hextagon on my desk. It's a great paperweight and reminds me what to do about "investing:" PHYSICAL HARD ASSETS. The only way to "invest" these in a Market Maker and "lawyer" free environment.

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