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  • lphreal lphreal Feb 9, 2013 6:01 PM Flag

    Piattt admits GEO's Reports are fake but claims they are no longer an issue

    You are so funny. Why you forgive criminals unless you are one of them. LOL.

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    • they are not an issue anymore, proving geo lied will not save lph or get our money back. only lph can do that by proving there financial reports were 1000% accurate and that is doubtful. they are the true criminals. they are the source of the problem.

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      • To me, in my case, GEO liar or not is important. If they are liar, why not to be sued?
        I placed a large amount (at least large percentage on my portfolio) to buy about $2..05 on Jan 3rd, before the market opening. First of all, I got mad at GEO since they published NEWS after an hour of trading. Then, I though they need to sell the NEWS to it’s member first, so I can’t complain much about. However, the stock is halt. Does GEO requested SEC to do the investigation? If it is, they are immoral because they tried to make sure stock to be very low for them bying back. Next, if they are lie, I would like to sue them more than LPH managers on my loss.

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