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  • lphreal lphreal Feb 17, 2013 3:52 PM Flag

    Mr. Toups versus Generals of GEO Criminals (U&U and Stevie)

    Mr. Toups is still in charge of financial matters,  issuing press release whenever permitted, and filing Form 12b-25 timely.  In particular, Mr. Toups clearly indicates on Form 12b-25 that LPH doesn't anticipate any significant change of the number provided in 2012 Q2's report.  Even under SEC's scrutiny now, LPH remains confident in the reported revenue and earning number.  Do you really believe a fraudulent company would dare to do so?  Don't forget Mr. Toups, an American citizen, will face serious legal consequences by generating any fake information at the present stage.  

    In contrast, the leaders of GEO criminals including Unemon1, Umbisam, and Stevie have run away.  They are totally inactive on this Board since a while back.  It's so suspicious for these generals fleeing the battlefield at the most crucial moment.  Why would these criminals react so strangely if LPH is such a huge scam?  Did you remember Stevie say "U&U may commit a crime several weeks ago"?  Why would Stevie criticize his 'team mates' by using such harsh words?  The reasonable explanation is Stevie has known GEO's Reports are fabricated and attempted to protect himself.  

    Please use your own judgment to determine which party is trustworthy. 

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