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  • lphreal lphreal Feb 17, 2013 11:56 PM Flag

    Seven evidences available so far showing LPH's legitimacy

    1.  Mr. Toups'' assertion on Form 12b-25 that no significant change given in the 2012/Q2 report is anticipated.  Mr. Toups will face severe legal consequences if he lies under the SEC's scrutiny now.  

    2.  It's an enormous waste of energy and time manufacturing the Second Hit Piece through CCTV.  Waiting for SEC's verdict is free of charge if LPH is fraudulent.  Isn't it?  Shooting a dead horse by squandering so much money overseas is pointless and useless. 

    3. LPH must have earned 100+ millions in the past two years.  Can you find any person generous enough to give shareholders such an unbelievable gift  (Haujie Facility)?  Note that any money transfer from other accounts would cost Mr. Cai a huge fortune. 

    4. The key con-artists, Unemon1 and Umbisam, primarily focused upon the 'Tank Size' project rather than the 'Most Brazen Company' project from mid-December till the end of year.   Video taping to monitor LPH trucks was completed  in early December, and the First Hit Piece occurred at beginning of year.   Selling the 'virtually no revenue' project to clients should be most profitable.   How could  GEO crooks work on the fictions 'Tank Size' project generating little return instead?  

    5. The irrational reactions from Unemon1, Umbisam, and Boss Stevie.  Unemon1 opened a new LPH forum trying to recruit more bashers a few days prior to January 3rd.  Umbisam expected LPH to restore shareholders' confidence back by twisting Ming Zhao's arms.  Stevie abruptly and unusually put 'ignore' button on U &U. A couple weeks later, Stevie even said U & U might commit a crime.   All these reactions are purely redundant if LPH is unreal.  

    6. Runaway of Unemon1, Umbisam, and Stevie.  These crooks have been totally inactive on Board since a while back.  Why would they run away without notice unless they do commit crimes? 

    7.  Continuous rebuttals from flip-flop liar (Piatt).   Why bother to fight for each post against GEO criminals if LPH is a total fraud?  The truths will come up soon.  Right?  These suspicious unnecessary reactions would only enhance LPH's legitimacy. 

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