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  • lphreal lphreal Feb 25, 2013 8:54 AM Flag

    Shameless GEO Foot Soldiers

    A few GEO foot soldiers, led by the flip-flop liar (Piatt), are very active  on YMB after the runaway of leaders. These crooks are the advocates of blaming LPH management for the whole fiasco happened 7-8 weeks ago.    Do you remember flip-flop liar's famous quote 'the GEO reports are not an issue.'?  

     If these GEO criminals/robbers hadn't made up the First Piece, the stock halt wouldn't have occurred.   No argument here!   It's so obvious who should be blamed for the incident.  In these criminals' mind, however, only their trapped holdings are the issue.  How shameless of these crooks!  Why not holding shares tight to eliminate the GEO criminals?  

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    • You're a real freakin kook. It's creeps like you with twisted perceptions that follow nutjobs like Koresh in Waco Texas. Here's what you need to do: sit on the end of your bed, with the tv off for about 5 hours, and ask yourself why you are the way you are...You have about a 15% chance of realizing what an unrealistic dooshebag you are. Then, and only then, you should jump out the highest window in your house. If you live in a ranch you may have to climb the chimney.

    • GEO crooks' trapped holdings are in the form of sahres short.

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