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  • chris_gingold chris_gingold Feb 27, 2014 8:58 AM Flag


    I've been a substantial shareholder for 6 years now and understood what I got into. This stock like any other pink sheet will not go up unless substantial news. It just happened to go to .0011 because someone got sick of waiting. I've been to their State of the Art dental office and seen what a magnificent facility they have. There is not much info. I can get from them outside of public info. but then I went to their partner Drinkable and seen what they are doing. They are actually doing a good business. There facility is set up to produce quite a few machines. IMO I believe after speaking to the guys at drinkable Air is that the Dental part will take off in time.

    I always see people bashing udhi but IMO they are doing what they have to do to make the company work first and then they will address the shareholders concerns.

    There are not many pink sheet companies out there that are viable business like udhi. They are a solid company doing actual revenues that can sustain and stay in business, unlike all these marajuana business's.

    It doesn't make sense to me if someone is a shareholder and bashing the company they are invested in. That's like opening up a restaurant and putting a sign on the window that says the food is horrible!!!!

    So, whoever is a shareholder and has the need to bash this company might as well sell and get some of their money back because obviously they don't believe this company is worth investing in.

    This company could take another 2 years before they show anything or maybe sooner then we think!

    Lets be positive!!!!



    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Really? you got suckered into this stock and have been holding for 6 years. Wow you really god screwed by that fat #$%$ Dr. Green. her is the better scenario it's like getting into business with someone, then having them #$%$ out of your investment, so how do you get your pound of flesh you bash them! If I lose, the everyone loses!